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May 27, 2023

Air source heat pumps are an energy efficient source of heat for your homes. They can provide heat and cooling to your whole house and they are more environmentally friendly than gas and oil boilers.


Air source heat pumps work by absorbing heat from the air into a fluid which passes through a heat exchanger into the heat pump. This then raises the temperature, turning the heat into water.

Heat from an air source pump can heat your radiators or underfloor heating, and heat stored water for taps, showers and baths. They tend to be safer than other types of heat systems, as they don’t rely on burning fuel.


If you do decide to go for an air source heat pump, there are many things to consider.


Heat pumps are much friendlier to the environment than oil and gas boilers as they run on electricity. While this isn't emission free, it is still less harmful overall. 85% of UK homes still rely on unrenewable sources to provide their heat, which is contributing to our damaged climate.

Typical air source pumps cut down people’s emissions by 44%, however this may vary based on the situation, and what source the homeowner is switching from.


These are a relatively low maintenance option to choose. It is still important to keep your air pump clean and replace its filter every few months. You may also need to keep a lookout for twigs or grass that get into your pump, as you want to keep it from being obstructed in any way.

A common misconception is that air pumps are noisy to run! However, this has been debunked in recent years, as they have been developed over the years, they no longer produce an insufferable amount of noise.


Another great renewable source for your home, it's a good idea to consider pairing solar panels with your air heat pump. If you want to make your heating completely emission free, using solar panels to power the air pump is the perfect solution.

We also offer a range of solar options which you can look at here.


It’s important to consider the downsides to air source heat pumps. The main thing to consider is electricity. If you decide to opt for solar energy to power your heat pump, then electric costs will not be a concern to you, however running the pump off of electricity isn’t the cheapest or greenest option.


Here at GE National, we are committed to providing a range of renewable energy sources.

To make any enquiries and find the best choice for your home, get in touch today or give us a call on 07903 344 025 to speak to one of our friendly staff members.

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