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May 27, 2023

Between now and 2030, the driving experience will change drastically. With technologies constantly changing and evolving, there will be so many new and different ways for us to travel around. Not only that, but companies are now looking to become more environmentally conscious which directly impacts all things transport. We’ve already seen the introduction of electric and hybrid cars, so what is next?

From introducing EV charging points in more homes to biometrics, here are just three ways we think driving will change in the next five years!


Electric car chargers are pretty common now, but you should expect to see a lot more of them in the near future. Not only will public car parks have more electric car chargers, but you’ll also see a lot of EV charging points being installed in homes too. There are a whole host of reasons why more people will be installing EV charging points in their homes, aside from the fact that more electric vehicles will be on the road. Firstly, it’s convenient. Installing an electric car charger essentially means you can charge at home, providing you with full control over how long you charge your vehicle and for how long. Secondly, homeowners will be able to save money by charging vehicles during off-peak hours when electricity costs are low.


In 2030, it has been predicted that all-electric vehicles will be the first choice for many leasers. Car manufacturers will no longer be able to manufacture petrol or diesel cars by 2030, meaning that electric vehicles will become the prominent driving force on our roads. As well as contributing positively to the environment, electric vehicle chargers also have the benefit of free parking as well as having no congestion charges.


Okay, this one might be a little bit of a stretch for the next five years, but we may well see biometrics introduced into our vehicles. Think about how you use your biometrics to access your phone and online bank details, why not implement this with cars? Up and down the country, people either lose their keys or they are stolen, but adding this element of biometrics adds an extra layer of security. Maybe not in the next five years, but we could see fingerprints and facial recognition added to vehicles!

As addressed in this blog, electric car chargers are going to become increasingly popular in the near future. If you’re looking to have an EV charging point installed in your home, then GE National could be the team for you. Whilst we might not know exactly what things will look like in five years time, we can guarantee that we will continue to provide our customers with a service that is of the highest quality. Whether it’s electric car chargers or solar panels you’re after, please get in touch

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