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May 30, 2023

As more of us turn to green energy solutions, and everyday people are being encouraged to keep one eye on sustainability, there is an increased emphasis on electric vehicles, be it electric road cars or vans. Though in almost all major cities you’re likely to find EV charging stations, the convenience of an easily accessible home charging area is unmatched. Allowing you to charge your vehicle overnight and within the comfort of your property, continue reading to have your EV home charger questions answered - with everything from installation costs and charge times accounted for.


EV charging is a surprisingly simple process when broken down, and although it may seem somewhat of a drastic change from the usual way you fuel your manual vehicle, convenience is prioritised. Often as simple as plugging in the tethered charger and leaving your vehicle for a period of time, some stations may require you to bring your own connecting cable, however this can easily be stored within your car. Once charged, you can simply remove the cable, and pay via card, machine or remotely.


Installation costs vary, with different providers charging different rates. GE National are committed to making sustainable living affordable, which is why we’re transparent with pricing for your electric car charging point. Although other companies may charge a premium, all it takes is a phone call our way to clarify your situation and energy needs. Call us today, and we’ll be happy to take you through the popular choices and unique offers, with savings to be made in the long-term too.


Time taken to fully charge your vehicle will depend on the vehicle itself, the method of charging, and other factors, but generally leaving your car overnight to charge will provide more than enough for a full charge. Whereas fast charging can take less than an hour in some circumstances, larger vehicles may require additional time, so being sensible with tracking charge is recommended.

Looking to lead a more sustainable life? Maybe you’re sick of rising fuel and energy prices? We have you covered. For examples of our past work, take a look at the Projects Page, or gain an insight into installation appearance by consulting The Gallery..

Having spent the past 35 years in the electrical trade, we began to see a growing interest in solar energy, a trend which led us to create GE National in 2015. NIC/EIC and OLEV accreditation soon followed, allowing us to carry out full electrical testing and inspection work both locally and nationally. Based in Preston, we carry out green energy work for domestic and commercial clients, so whether you’re a business owner, or homeowner looking for an installation within your property, contact us today.

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